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stefan olsdal interwiew

Placebo may be finally ready to take their proper place in stardom here in the United States.

The band – consisting of Brian Molko (vocals, guitar), Stefan Olsdal (bass) and Steve Hewitt (drums) – have been a fixture in the native England and the rest of Europe (if not all over the world) for several years now. First gaining attention as Ashtray Heart, the band garnered attention with their eponymous 1996 debut under their recent name. While the UK press loves mocing lead singer Molko for gis flamboyant ways, the band has gained a powerful fan following abroad.

In The United Sytates, however, the band had a cult following. With the exception of "Pure Morning" (from Without You I'm Nothing), not much had been heard from or about the band here overseas. That has changed within the last year, as their newest album, Meds, has slowly but surely gained attention. With "Running Up The Hill" featured on television shows such as "Bones" and "The O.C." and an upcoming feature spot on the Coachella Festival lineup, Placebo may soon be a household name in the United States as well as the United Kingdom.

Recently, 411 had a chance to talk to co-founder Stefan Olsdal about the band's upcoming prominence in the United States. On the phone from Europe, Olsdal was gracious and forthcoming about the new record and breaking over here.

Michael Melchor: What led to the decision to re-release Meds? I know that the album was leaked initially before it came out on Astralwerks and a couple newer singles have been let out recently; I didn't know if that had anything to do with it, or if it was simply remastered and you'd decided to put it out there?

Stefan Olsdal: Well, there was a slight change in record company; we're still under the EMI/Virgin umbrella. Also, it was one of those things that just happened to try and give it another push, you know? Some was editing; it's going into the K-Marts and stuff like that so we have to sort of tone down on the swearing a little bit and change a couple tracks. Also, things are starting to happen in the States, so we wanted to give it a second push.

MM: That's something I was going to ask about, also – I've noticed you've been building quite an audience here in the U.S.; the song "Running Up The Hill" has been featured on a couple shows over here, you've been on tour with She Wants Revenge and not only completely sold those out, but were in demand to be the headliners for all but three shows – very well done, by the way...

SO: Oh, thank you.

MM: I was going to ask what it was like building that audience and finally getting that kind of attention over here after being around as long as you guys have now?

SO: It's cool, you know; we've had more success here in the UK in the beginning of our career and Europe had taken to us, also. We've always had kind of a cult following in the States; we'd spent a couple months touring each album [in the U.S.]. There seems to be more of a connection over there and things are starting to happen now; we're playing Coachella and we'll probably do another headlining tour. We've always done a couple shows, but now we're getting more attention. The MySpace page has gained a strong following and has had a really positive response. So we're just kind of building on that, you know, and we have a hard time saying "no" to people that want to see us play. [Laughs] It's a new place for us to go to.

MM: You touched on something else I was going to get into with this year's Coachella Festival – if there was any idea for some sort of set list yet?

SO: The set list is based around Meds right now; we figure we're playing to a huge audience of people that don't know us and many are seeing us for the first time. We'll also sprinkle some older stuff as well.

MM: Right – introduce them to where you are now and give them a taste of what came before.

SO: Exactly.

MM: Very good. How did you get involved in it – were you contacted to play or did your management reach out to someone there?

SO: Yeah, it was a conversation between the organizers who contacted our management. It's been in the cards for a while, actually. They called us about it and we'd heard a lot of good things about it but we've never been to it – we haven't been as spectators, either. Everyone who talks about it just loves it.

MM: Nice. I was going to ask about some of the style changes as far as the music goes as well. Black Market Music was more guitar-driven and raw, while Sleeping With Ghosts was more electronic and leaned more toward that style. With Meds, it sounds like you've gone back to the more guitar-driven style, although more refined, obviously. Is there a preferred style or does it come down to whatever you're feeling and maybe the mood of the music itself at the time?

SO: I think Meds was kind of a reaction to Sleeping With Ghosts; we'd pushed the mix between rock and electronics to its logical conclusion. We felt we'd done that with Sleeping With Ghosts. With Meds, we wanted a return to rock and a return to the feel of being in a room together and performing as a band together like it was 10 years ago when we did the first album. Kind of keep things fresh again and to get away from sitting behind a computer screen all day and playing with loops and samples. We wanted a return to analog; more of a guitar base and a live feel.

MM: To sit down and play and see how it feels again.

SO: Right, to become a band again; it's so easy to put an album together on computer and you can lose emotion and personality. While we've played for a long time, we haven't been good musicians [recently], so we wanted to go back to that as well. [Laughs]

MM: [Laughs] Well, you're not bad musicians at all. We know that. Is there anything you can tell us about any U.S. tour plans coming up? 

SO: Well, we'll be there around Coachella, but we're not sure what's going to happen after that; we're still working on it. But I'd say maybe around April and May, we should be [in the States].

MM: Is there anyone you'd like to tour with? I know you've played a few spot shows with The Cure; I didn't know if they'd be a possibility. Or is there someone else you'd like to go out with?

SO: I wouldn't mind being out with ABBA. [Laughs]

MM: [Laughs] Nice!

SO: In seriousness, Sonic Youth would be cool. So, yeah, those two – Sonic Youth and Placebo with ABBA headlining.

MM: Very good. Hell, I'd go. [Laughs]

SO: [Laughs]

MM: The last thing I wanted to hit on was how the band got involved in the "Global Cool" organization and in fighting global warming? 

SO: They got in touch with us and, if there's anything we can do to help, we will. We've been involved with charities and awareness groups in the past and if we can spread some kind of positive message in anyway, we'll do it.

interwiev with billie joe armstrong

Green Day, the Berkley-based band, all of whom were born in 1972, are always good for a scandal. Whether “redecorating” hotel suites and bars, mouthing off about other bands, initiating a legendary mud fight at Woodstock, leaving Tower Records wrecked, or discoursing about drug-taking on MTV, one thing is for certain, Green Day are the perfect cure for teenage boredom. 

You cancelled your last tour midway through it. There were a lot of rumors, what really happened? 

We were exhausted, wrecked, absolutely wrecked. At that point in time, we had been on tour for over two years and slowly our fuses blew. One after another, just went bang! We were finished, fucked up. We didn't know anymore who we were, where we were. We just wanted to go home. 

A lot of your fans were very disappointed...

When we saw the hall where we were supposed to play, we knew that we wouldn't play. It was criminal, no electricity, no security, the floor was littered with broken glass. We'd rather have a disappointed audience than an audience that got seriously hurt or even killed. Moshing and broken glass just don't go together and a punk concert isn't fun without a pit. 

You always seem to be mouthing off about other bands. Are you not getting on with other musicians? 

You know if journalists ask you again and again the same questions about the same bands, then you'll end up saying that you hate them – even if you don't – just because you're so fed up with being asked all those stupid questions. People just take it too seriously. 

The reaction to Nimrod was strange. Your fans loved it and a lot of critics seemed to hate it... 

We knew that we wanted to record a different album and not another version of Insomniac. If we wouldn't take the challenge, we'd end up like some old punk rockers, playing the same stuff over and over... I don't want to mention names but the guys will know who we're talking about. A fate worse than death. 

A lot of people claim you're not “punk” anymore... 

Punk is not just the sound, the music. Punk is a life-style. There are a lot of bands around who claim to be punk and they only play the music, they have no clue what it's all about. It's a life-style I chose for myself. It's not about popularity and all that crap. When we started out as a band, we played punk rock, the music. [Then] we changed our sound, but we didn't change. We're just as much punk as we used to be. We got a lot of shit, and we're still getting it, for being signed with a major label. So what? We didn't start the band to cash in a lot of money. When we started out, punk was probably the most unpopular music around. 

What annoys the hell out of me is the arrogance of some people. They don't even listen to our music, they decided in advance that they don't like it. You know even before we finished the album, before anybody ever heard just one track, some people had decided that it will suck. I don't give a shit about them. If they can't appreciate good music, it's their own fault. 

What do you think about the ska trend that seems to influence punk? 

We're not into that whole ska scene. Operation Ivy is the only ultimate ska-punk band out there. They're the real thing. To listen to another band would be like... like... yeah like preferring an Oasis album over a Beatles album. 

You frighten quite a lot of people, destroying rooms and such, and you occasionally get out of hand... 

That's not frightening. We don't hurt people. I think we're actually a very friendly band. How many other bands stop shows if they see a kid falling in the pit? A lot of bands don't care about that. I want everybody to have a good time at a concert. I don't want anybody getting hurt. That's punk, playing a show, having a party, having a good time. 

I heard that you gave up drinking and other stuff... 

I'm a father now. I have a certain responsibility. It isn't just my life anymore. I don't want my kid finding bottles in the house or seeing his father completely smashed. I don't want him to get the impression that his father is a drunk, a bum. Having children is a big responsibility and I don't want to make a mess out of it. I don't want my son thinking that I care more for booze than I care for him. If you have children, you don't want to have drugs and drinks in the house. You know they might reach it. It's just not good. 

I checked the name Nimrod... Strange choice for an album title. 

Yeah, I know. It's some guy from the old testament. For some strange reason it turned into a curse; it's another name for dork.


"დღეიდან შენ სამუდამოდ გადაიქცევი მგლად. შენ იქნები მგელთა მგელი. ეს იქნება შენი საზღაური. სიკვდილი შენთვის ძალიან მარტივი სასჯელი იქნებოდა" აი ასე დაწყევლა ზევსმა ლიკაონი, არკადიის მეფე, ტირანი და სადისტი, რომელმაც ზევსს ადამიანის ხორცი აჭამა მოტყუებით რომ შემდეგ დაემცირებინა ის. საჭმელი კი საკუთარი 7 წლის შვილისგან გააკეთა. აი ასეთია მაქციების წარმოშობის საფუძველი. თუმცა ანტიკურ პერიოდში მგლები ითვლებოდნენ სიბრძნის და სიმამაცის სიმბოლოდ, მისი დემონურ ძალებთან დაკავშირება მხოლოდ ქრისტიანულ პერიოდში მოხდა.

საერთოდ მგელი ანტიკულ და რომაულ კულტურაში ძალიან დაფასებული ცხოველი იყო, ბოლოს და ბოლოს რომის დამაარსებლები რომული და რემი მგელმა გაზარდა. ასევეა სკანდინავიურ მითოლოგიაში სადაც ოდინის თანამგზავრები და ერთგული მეგობრები მგლები არიან, ჯერი და ფრეკი.

მოგვიანებით კი მგელი რატომღაც ადამიანის მტრად და ბოროტების მსახურად მიიჩნიეს, ეს მოხდა შუასაუკუნეებში როცა ევროპაში ინკვიზიცია ბობოქრობდა, მაშინ მგელი ადამიანის კონკურენტად ესეიგი მტრად და მოწინააღმდეგედ აღიქვეს, იმ პერიოდში ათასობით ადამიანი დაწვეს მაქციობის ბრალდებით, უამრავი ფაქტია აღწერილი თუ როგორ აწამებდნენ უბრალო გლეხებს რათა მათ ეღიარებინათ ის რომ ისინი მაქციები იყვნენ და სავსე მთვარობისას მგლად გადაიქცეოდნენ. 

აქციების მითს ხშირად უკავშირებენ ვამპირებს, ითვლება რომ ვამპირის მოკვლა მხოლოდ მაქციის კბენას შეუძლია, თუმცა ვამპირიც თავის თავად მაქციაა, ბრემ სტოკერის "გრაფ დრაკულას"-ს მიხედვით დაკულას შეუძლია გადაიქცეს ღამურად, დიდ შავ ძაღლად, ნისლად და ა.შ.

საერთოდ როგორც წესი გამოყოფენ მაქციების ორ სახეს, პირველს შეუძლია თავისი სურვილისამებრ გადაიქცეს ცხოველად და მეორე დაავადებულია ლიკანტროპიით. მათ შორის განსხვავება ისაა რომ პირველ მთგანს შეუძლია გადაიქცეს მაქციად მაშინ როცა მოესურვება და ისე რომ ადამიანობა არ დაკარგოს ხოლო მეორეს კი მხოლდ სავსე მთვარეობისას თან ისე რომ იგი ფაქტიურად კარგავს ადამიანის ყოველგვარ თვისებებს.

ლეგენდების და თქმულებების მიხედვით მგლებად ხშირად არა იმის გამო გადაიქცევიან რომ ვინმეს რამე დაუშავონ, არა უბრალოდ ისინი ასე ერთობიან და აშინებენ ხალხს. 


"ყველაფერი ცხოველის ერთი უბრალო კბენისგან იწყება, გარკვეული პერიოდის შემდეგ ადამიანს გამოაჩნდება პირველი სიმპტომები ესენია : უბედურებს ეშინიათ დღის სინათლის, ეშინიათ წყლის, იკბინებიან, კარგავენ საკუთარ თავზე კონტროლს, სპაზმები იმდენად ძლიერია რომ ტუჩები და სახის კანი იკუმშება ისე რომ კბილები ჩანს, პირიდან დუჟი გადმოსდით და საშინელ ხმებს გამოსცემენ ეს გაწამებული არსებები" აი ასე აღწერა ლიკანტროპიის სიმპტომები იოზეფ რუგემონტმა 1798 წელს. 

დღეს ეს დაავადება ოფიციალურად ირიცხება ფსიქიკურ დაავათებათა ნუსხაში. დაავადება როდესაც ადამიანს თავი ცხოველი ჰგონია. უამრავი ისეთი ფაქტია დაფიქსირებული როცა ადამიანებს თავი მგელი, კატა ან ძაღლი ჰგონიათ, კლასიკური შემთხვევაა როცა 1921 წელს ავსტრიაში ერთ-ერთი გოგონა მელიით გახდა შეპყრობილი, თავიდან სიმპტომები ნელა ვითარდებოდა თუმცა სულ მალე გოგონამ საერთოდ დაკარგა ადამიანური თვისებები და იქცეოდა ისე როგორც ცხოველი. 

დღეს მეცნიერება უკვე აღიარებს მაქციების არსებობას, არა მხოლოდ ფსიქიკური კუთხით არამედ ფიზუკურითაც, არსებობს სამეცნიერო კვლევითი ცენტრები სადაც მუშაობენ და იკვლევენ ამ ფენომენს, მაგალითად მექსიკაში არსებობს ბიომედიცინის კვლევითი ცენტრი, სადაც უკვე რამდენიმე წელია იკვლევენ ასიევოს ოჯახის წევრებს დაახლოებით 30 კაცს, ყოველი მთგანი დაავადებულია იშვიათი გენეტიკური დარღვევი, ოჯახის რამდენიმე წევრის სახე მთლიანად დაფარულია ბეწვით, ასევე მათ აქვთ ცხოველისთვის დამახასიათებელი მიმიკა და ქცევა. 

დღეს ასიევოს ოჯახი მექსიკის ერთ-ერთ სოფელში ცხოვრობს, ადგილობრივი მაცხოვრებლები მათ მიმართ ძალიან აგრესიულად არიან განწყობილები და ექცევიან ისე როგორც კეთროვანებს. მეცნიერები ვარაუდობენ რომ მალე შეძლებენ მუტირებული გენის იზოლაციას და ასეთი გენის მქონე ადამიანები შეძლებენ ნორმალური შთამომავლობის ყოლას.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Just months after Coldplay released their #1 debut album, Parachutes, in England, they were hailed as Band of the Year 2000 in the music press. How did these four college friends become the poster children for a nation's emotions? It may have happened at the speed of light, but it wasn't as easy as it seems.

Coldplay secured a permanent position in Britain's music elite by writing beautiful, simple songs that gently pulled at the heartstrings of a nation. Somewhere in between the confident, vulnerable guitar playing of Jonny Buckland, the melodic bassline of Guy Berryman, thoughtful drumming of Will Champion, and lead Chris Martin's stark, tenor vocals are answers for the soul. Although melancholy stands behind every Coldplay song, each one is also steeped in an unusual and sincere optimism rarely found in English bands. Songs face an inevitable sadness and yearning - a little thing called being real - to get to a better place where the truth held firm in pure emotion is pivotal. Songs like the remorseful "Trouble," with its memorable piano-line, the lonely "Spies" and mega-hit single "Yellow" reveal a hybrid of lyrics that can only be described as joy and remorse, all wrapped into one. "We just want the songs to reflect reality," says Chris. 

In doing so, Coldplay may well be the most profound British act to emerge out of the millennium thus far. No one is more surprised by their popularity than the band. Who knew such an austere and tactile musical existence would lead to such greatness? Yet it has. 

It all began when the members of Coldplay met in 1996 - their first week of college (University College London). Two and a half years later, they had their first official band session - a rehearsal in Jonny's bedroom in January of 1998. Jonny and Chris had been working on songs since they met, but the other two members hadn't really been around much until Guy joined the band to play bass just before dropping out of engineering school. The other two stuck with their studies, while also pursuing music. 

Will, also still in school, loved playing guitar but was persuaded to become Coldplay's drummer so the band could play their first gig (at a Cuban Caf?at a festival for unsigned bands called "In The City" in Manchester) in late 1998. They had just six songs written including "Don't Panic" and "High Speed" - now found on Parachutes. They soon released 500 copies of an EP called Safety (financed by their now manager, Phil) and released the single "Brothers And Sisters" on a small English label called Fierce Panda, after which the UK label Parlophone signed them in 1999 just before final exam time. As they say, the rest is history, or in the stars, or whatever. In any case, another EP on Parlophone, The Blue Room, followed, as did the single "Shiver." 

Before the band, lead singer/guitarist/pianist Chris Martin grew up in a close family from Devon, England. In fact, he still lives at home as the eldest of five kids raised by a teacher mum and accountant dad, where he started bashing out tunes on the family piano at an early age. Typical of the first-born, he is an over-achiever and self-proclaimed worrier. Although anything to do with "injustice" will rile him up, no one can accuse him of being the typical tortured and drunken English musician since he rarely drinks, never smokes and admits life can be pretty damn good. He's a shy product of boarding school where he soon graduated to the guitar and has been in bands since the age of 15. He considers the big three in music to be: Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Tom Waits. Oh, and the Flaming Lips aren't bad either.

Lead guitarist Jonny Buckland doesn't think he's a very good guitar player, but the rest of the world begs to differ. He was born 22 odd years ago in London, then his family relocated to Mold, North Wales when he was just four. Jonny first picked up a guitar at the tender age of 11, encouraged by his older brother who was a huge My Bloody Valentine fan. Both boys grew up in a house filled with Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix from their dad's record collection. Yet it wasn't until Jonny discovered The Stone Roses that he started taking the guitar seriously. People describe him as shy and nonchalant, but he argues he's just happy to be quiet.

Bassist Guy Berryman was born in Scotland, although his family later moved to Kent, England where he started to collect rare groove and funk records when all the other kids were into indie rock. He started playing bass at age 13 and is still inspired by a love of those early records. 
Words like "calm," "reliable" and "enthusiastic" are used to describe drummer Will Champion. He was born in Southampton, England to teacher parents who encouraged him to spend his formative years learning to play a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, piano and the tin whistle. He had never played drums before joining Coldplay but was so musically inclined that he quickly caught on. "He's very quiet and very wise," says Chris about Will. "As a musician, he's got the most amazing sense of melody. He can play just about anything ... and he can do little impressions. He's good at entertaining people."

When the band went into the studio early last year with co-producer and engineer Ken Nelson to record Parachutes, they agreed that nothing would go on the album that they all four didn't agreed on. This led to a fierce and gut wrenching recording session that the guys thought might be their last. Songs ended up veering from fragile to forceful, from understated to epic, all-the-while carried by Chris' gorgeous vocal range and endearingly bashful lyrics. On a bittersweet morning in May, the album was finished.

No one predicted that just a short time later, Parachutes would debut at #1 and continue to hover in the Top Ten Charts for the remainder of the year. The band was also nominated for an esteemed Mercury Music Prize, received the Q Award for Best Album, signed to an American label (Nettwerk America/Capitol) and were exhausted by year's end from endless promotional duties and touring. Having been tirelessly in the spotlight for months now, the members of Coldplay are reticent to talk about themselves - subscribing to the school of thought that "those who say less tend to be wiser." Yet what they have to say can be heard in the music, which speaks louder than any words spoken ever will. 

Chris admits that the last track on the album, "Everything's Not Lost," is the message of Coldplay's entire work up until now. The song says that when things happen to you in life, your first inclination is to think everything's terrible, what's the point? Then you realize the point is simply that - that it's not that bad and you have to keep going. Finally, you come to realize that life is good. Look for Coldplay to embark on their first-ever American tour in the beginning of 2001.


rock festival three days grace

25 aprils, samxatvro akademiashi, 18:00 st_ze festivalis pirveli dge. ukraven jgufebi: 1. Mirror illusion
2. Fay
3. Kairmorkhen 
4. Vodka Vtraiom 
5. Monoplan 
6. გრეიFრუტი
7. Play Paranoid 

8. Kung Fu Junkie

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

diary of metallist

24 თებერვალი 
გუშინ კაცების დღე ავღნიშნეთ. პეტრუხამ კასეტა მოათრია მოსასმენად, თქვა რომ “მიატალია”. ჩავრთეთ. ვიღაც კაცი შუაზე გჯება და გიტარების წივილია. მოვიდა ჩემი უფროსი ძმა, “ფოლს” თქვა, მაგნიტაფონს წიხლი ჩასცხო და დასაძინებლად მიეგდო. 

25 თებერვალი 
პეტრუხას კასეტა დარჩა. ვააააააააააააახ , გიტარა ასწორებს !!!!!!!! ვცადე დამეღრიალა, ლუსტრა თავზე დამემხო და ზედა მეზობლები საჩხუბრად მოჭენდნენ. მოვიდა ძმა, ყურქვეშ მომდო, მიეგდო დასაძინებლად. აუ, ჩემს ძმას რო გიტარა აქვს ისეთი მინდა. 

26 თებერვალი 
ჩავრთე MTV, მანდ კი უპიზდეცეს მიატალს აჩვენებნ ! ძმას შევეკითხე ხო მაგარიათქო, მან კიდე “ფოლს” თქვა. დუნდუკი. მარტო გიტარაზე აბარტყუნებინე. რაღაც ვერ უკრავს კარგად, სულ აკივლებს. იშვიათად უკრავს სწორად და თან ვირივით ყროყინებს. 

27 თებერვალი 
ვუყურე MTV-ს, ფურცელზე პიზდეც მიატალ ჯგუფების სახელები ჩავიწერე. ვუყურე KORN-ს Limp-ს Bizkit-ს, P.O.D.-ს ასწორებს !!! გიტარებიც მაგარია და საკაიფოდაც ღრიალებენ !!!!!!!!!!! 

28 თებერვალი 
ძმამ ფურცელი ნახა და “ფოლს” მითხრა. მე ვკითხე რა უბედურებაა სულ ფოლს, ფოლსს რო იძახი თქო. მითხრა რო სირობას ნიშნავს. მაშინ ვკითხე აბა უფრო მაგარი რაათქო. იმან კიდე რაღაც უბედურება “I Run Made In” ჩართო. თქვა მიატალიაო. მე ვუთხარი სირობაათქო. 

1 მარტი 
აუ ჩემი როგორ მტკივა ნეკნები და მთელი სიფათიც სინიაკებში მაქვს....ძმა დებილია. აი კედელს მიღმა რაღაცას ისე *ლეობს რო დაჟე კბილები მტკივა. 

2 მარტი 
წავედი, მაგარი მიატალისტივით უნდა ჩავიზმანო. ვიყიდე ფართხუნა შარვალი, ბოტასები, ლიმფ ბიზკიტის მაიკა და არიას ბენდენა. MTV-ზე ამბობენ არია მიატალიაო, ზნაჩიტ უნდა ვატარო. 

3 მარტი 
ძმას ვკითხე მიატალისტს თუ ვგევართქო. იმან კიდე ბიჩოკი და ბატინკა მესროლა. თქვა რომ არ ვგავარ. თფუჰ, პაპსავიკი ! მე კიდე გვიან მივხვდი რო ბეიზბოლის ბიტიანი ზანგის ტატუ უნდა გამეკეთებინა ხელზე, მაგრამ დედა არ მრთავს ნებას. 

4 მარტი 
ძმა სადღაც აითესა, მისი გიტარა ავიღე და დაკვრა დავიწყე. ასწორებს. დავდექი სარკის წინ , გავრეპე . აი , მე ნამდვილი მიატალისტი ვარ. იოუუუუუუუუ !!! მოვიდა ძმა, გიტარა წამართვა, თავში კარგად ჩამცხო, “ფოლს”-ო თქვა. 

5 მარტი 
მოვიდა ეს პაპსავიკი თავის ძმაკაცებთან, მიაერთეს გიტარები, დაიწყეს დაკვრა, ძმამ მოაღო პირი (როგორც ვირმა). ვუსმინე. ტექსტები აქვთ რაღაც დეგენერატული. რაღაც ტოლკინზე, სხვადასხვა ფეონარებზე და ელფებზე, მოკლედ პაპსა, რა ! წავედი ჩემს ოთახში და მაგარი მიატალი ჩავრთე. მოვიდნენ, აიღეს მაგნიტაფონი, “ფოლს”-ო თქვეს და კასეტა სანაგვეში მოისროლეს. 

6 მარტი 
მიატალი ასწორებს. გავტეხე ჩემი ღორის ყულაბა და წავედი. მაგარი გიტარა და პედალი ვიყიდე. გიტარა – FLIGHT, პედალი RAMMSTEIN. ააააააააააა RAMMSTEIN-ივით მაგარი ვიქნები ! მიატააააააააააააააააააააააააააალ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

7 მარტი 
ავიღე ჩემი ძმის წიგნი “რიტმ გიტარა ჰევი მეტალის სტილში”, მოვუსმინე კასეტას. რა ჩემს ფეხებს გაიგებ , რაღაც უბედურებაა, წიგნშიც გაუგებრად წერია. ჰეჰ, სულ მკიდია, ისედაც ყველაფერი ვიცი ! 

8 მარტი 
დედაჩემმა შუბლში მგლიჯა. 

9 მარტი 
ბიჭები შევიკრიბეთ რო ჯგუფი შევქმნათ. პეტრუხამ ბასზე დავუკრავო, მისი ძმა ჩემი ძმის ძმაკაცია და ძველი ბასიც დაითრია, ვოვკა დიჯეი იქნება, ანდრიუხა ბარაბანშიკი, მე გიტარაზე და კოსტია იმღერებს. 

10 მარტი 
ჩემთან შევიკრიბეთ დასაკრავად, კომპში ჩავერთეთ ჩერეზ ჩემი ძმის მიქშერით, ანდრიუხამ პიონერების ბარაბანი მოათრია, ავიღეთ მიკროფონი, დავიწყეთ დაკვრა. ვახ, მაგრად ვუბერავთ !! 

11 მარტი 
ბიჭებთან ვიჩხუბეთ. მე ვიძახი რამშტაინი გვექნებათქო, პეტრუხა იძახის რო ლიმფ ბიზკიტი, ვოვკამ ამბობს რო დიჯეი ფანარი, ანდრიუხამ ვაფშე რაღაც სიკვდილი Manowar-ი მოთხარა. ვკითხე ეს რა ჯანდაბაა მეთქი, ამბობს მიატალიაო. 

12 მარტი 
ანდრიუხამ Manowar-ის დისკი მოიტანა, ვუსმინე. გიტარები წივიან და ვიღაც კაცი იჭაჭება, მხოლოდ სიმღერებია შტერული. მანდ ზანგებზე და კალათბურთზე არაფერია ნათქვამი. სირები. 

13 მარტი 
ანდრიუხას ვეჩხუბეთ. გადავწყვიტეთ რომ დი ჯეი უფრო მაგარ ბიტებს აკეთებს და ბარაბანშიკი არ გვჭირდება. 

14 მარტი 
მოვძებნეთ რეპბაზა, დავიწყეთ დაკვრა. მე დავწერე სიმღერა “კალათბურთი”, პეტრუხამ კიდე 2 “გოპოი ერთისათვის” და “ქუჩის მებრძოლი”, ვოვკამ “ტანცპოლი” და “ბრეიკდანსი”, კოსტიამ ისე გააფრინა და იმდენი დაწერა რო აღარ მახსოვს. ჰმ, თურმე რა იოლია. უკრავ გიტარაზე 3 აკორდს და მისით მოდის. 

15 მარტი 
ძმას მივეცი მოსასმენად, ვუთხარი რომ “ეს არის დონე მიატალი” და რომ თავად მას აქვს სირობა. თავში ჩამცხო. “ფოლს” თქვა. საღამოს გიტარა აიღო და სადღაც გაშპა. 

16 მარტი 
ჩემი ძმა კმაყოფილი და მთვრალი მოვიდა. მეც მინდა ასე. ვკითხე საიდანთქო. მითხრა კონცერტიდანო. სინიაკი. 

17 მარტი 
გავიგეთ მიატალ ფესტივალის შესახებ. 

18 მარტი 
დავრეგისტრირდით მიატალის ფესტივალზე. 

19 მარტი 
მიატალს ვუსმინეთ. ასწორებს !!!! 

20 მარტი 
ხვალ მიატალის ფესტივალია !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ასწორებს !!! 

21 მარტი 
ფესტივალზე ყველა დებილია…ჩვენს წინ ვიღაც პიდარასტები გამოვიდნენ, რაღაც მთხლეობას უკრავდნენ, ვირებივით ყროყინებდნენ და იმათ ტაშს უკრავდნენ ! ჩვენ გამოვედით, კოსტიამ გარეპვა დაიწყო და ეგრევე როჟაში ლაყე კვერცხი გლიჯეს. უუუხ ბოზები !!!! 2 სიმღერა ვიმღერეთ და წავედით. მანდ ყველა გამოსირებულია. 

22 მარტი 
პეტრუხამ კასეტა მოათრია, თქვა მაგარია. თქვა რომ “ რეპ”-ია. 

23 მარტი 
რეპი მაგარია !

20 rulei for love-metalists

01)გახსოვდეს ჰიმი ლავ-მეტალის მამაა
02)არასოდეს, არავისთან არ იჟიმაო სანამ ვილე ვალო არ გაგჟიმავს
03)ან შენ არ გაჟიმავ...
04)სასწავლებელში გაიჩითე შეღებილი ტუჩებით და პიდარასტული ზმანებით
05)ვისაც არ მოსწონს, გაასხას რა... 
06)დაიმახსოვრე რომ შენ სიყვარულს უნდა აფრქვევდე
07)და ამიტომ აკოცე ყველა ''უროდს'';....
08)შენ ოცნებობ... შენ ოცნებობ......... აი იმაზე რა....... აი იმაზე ოცნებობ რომ......
09)აუ კაცურად თავი გამანებე რა........ მე რა ვიცი რაზე ოცნებობ,ნოსტრადამუსი კი არა ვარ შეჩემა......
10)ახლავე ჩავარდი დეპრესიაში..
11)და თუ ვერ ვარდები, ''ზნაჩიტ'' ვილესთან უკვე გიჟიმავია
12)თუ მაგარი ნაშა გაჩითე და არ გინდა წესების დარღვევა, მაშინ გაიხსენე მესამე და მეორე წესები გაიხსენე...
13)და მერე გაჟიმე.... ვილე ვალო არა და კვახი კიდე..........
14)სახლში, კედელზე დახატე დიიიიიიიიიიიიდი, წითელი ტუჩები და აკოცე...
15)აბა ისე შენ ვინ გაკოცებს......
16)არასოდეს,არასოდეს,არასოდეს,არასოდეს არ მოუსმინო ჰიმს....
17)ხიხიხი...... გეხუმრე....
18)თუ თვალებს იღებავ და ნაითვიში გევასება..........
19)(ეეეე.......... შე დამპალო გოთო,აბა ეხლა გაასხი აქედანა.......ვერ უყურებ ამასაააა.... მაიმუნი ტიღა ესა.......)
20)იუ ლავიუს ჰიმიუს და ვსიო.........პონიატნოოოოოოოოოოოოოოოოოოოოოოოოოოოოოოოოო.... 

თრეშერის 41 წესი

1) თრეშ მეტალი საუკეთესო სტილია სტილებს შორის
2) ყველა ვისაც შეეშლება სიტყვა THRASH ის დაწერა უნდა მოკვდეს!
3) თუ სლეიერი არ გიყვარს ესეიგი თრეშერიც არ ხარ
4) ყველა სხვა დანარჩენი სტილი ახლოსაც ვერ მოდის თრეშთან 
5) შენ უნდა გეზიზღებოდეს Nu-Metal, Metalcore და Hardcore ლები უნდა გეზიზღებოდეს და მორჩა!
6) კონცერტებზე ღორივით უნდა გამოთვრე პივით და იყვირო "THRASH ''TILL DEATH!!!"
7) როცა ყვირიხარ, ჩვეულებრივად კი არ უნდა იყვირო ვთქვათ "fuck" ფუ ეს პაპსავიზმია უნდა იყვირო "FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! თან ისე რომ 3 კილომეტრის რადიუსთი ყველა ორსულ ქალს ნაადრევი მშობიარობა დაეწყოს
8) არანაირი დრედები და პიდარასტული შაპკები, მარტო გრძელი თმა
9) SLAYER - 60/60/24/7/365 სიცოცხლის ბოლომდე
10) არ გადავიწყდეს მოუსმინო სხვა თრეშერებსაც მაგრამ სლეიერი შენი ღმერთია!!! 
13) Soulfly-არის რა, მაგრამ გახსოვდეს სლეიერი პირველია!!!
14) ახალი თრეში კვერცხობაა
15) ხო პანტერა რულავს
16) მაგრამ შენ დარწმუნებული ვარ არც ერთი მაგათი ალბომი არ გაქვს მოსმენილი თავიდან ბოლომდე მაგრამ მაინც რულავს, რულავს და მორჩა!!!
17) არ იყო გოთი არც Dani Filth ი და არც Joey Jordison ი!!!! ( იქნები და დაახვიე თრეშ სასტავიდან!!)
18) ... THRASH TILL.. ნუ ხო მიხვდი რა
19) მეტალიკის მარტო პირველი ორი ალბომი მოგწონს!! ბოლოს უსმენ და სხვებთან ამბობ რომ მოგწონს მაგრამ სინამდვილეში არ მოგწონს და საერთოდ ნუ მიყურებ ეგეთი თვალებით ( ან დაახვიე თრეშ სასტავიდან!!)
20) საერთოდ ჰიმის სასტავი არ გევასება რა!!
21) გოთებიც!!
22) თუ მოგისმენია სლიპნოტი და ქორნი მაშინ ჩათვალე რომ დანარჩენი ”ახლები” კვეცხები არიან
23) როცა ნეტს ჩართავ იცოდე რომ პაპსავიკების რეპერების და სხვა კვერცხების ფორუმებზე უნდა იფლუდერო!!!
24) როცა სლეიერის კონცერტზე მიდიხარ.... აუ შენ მაგათ კონცერტზე 100 წელი ვერ წახვალ
25) ჱუ ბოქსიორის გრუშა გაქვს გაუკეთე მას ემინემის მასკა და ისე ურტყი ასე უფრო სასაცილოა
26) თუ სკოლაში სწავლობ გაკვეთილების შემდეგ შეკრიბე ყველა მეტალისტი და წადით კვერცხების საცემრად!!! ამაზე კამათი არ გავიგო!!

27) ყველგან და ყოველთვის მხოლოდ თრეში და არაფერი თრეშის გარდა!!! 

გახსოვდეს ეს!!! ფორუმებზე განსაკუთრებით იფლუდერე მხოლოდ თრეშის ზახილით თრეშ!!!!!! თრეშ!!!! თრეეეეეეეეეეეეეშ!!!!!!!!!!
28) თუ ფორუმზე ფლუდერი შეგარქვეს თქვი რომ შენ ხარ თრეშმესია და შენი მიზანია თრეშის გადარჩენა და შენ კი არ ფლუდერობ შენი სიტყვები წმინდაა და საერთოდ მაგ უგუნურებს რა ესმით ნამდვილი თრეშის!! დაახვიონ რა
29) გახსოვდეს რომ დეივ ლამბარდო ნამდვილი თრეშერი არ არის!!! რეპეტიციის მაგივრად ცოლთან ჟიმაობს როცა ეს ერთდროულად უნდა აკეთოს!! და საერთოდ ტურნეების დროს ავტობუსში რეპს უსმენს ხოხო უსმენს და მორჩა!!!
30) Master of Puppets ადორე ალბომია
31) მანოვარი აუცილებლად უნდა გიყვარდეს, ნუ თრეში არაა მაგრამ მაინც უნდა გიყვარდეს!
32) კრეატორი 
33) სანამ ამას კითხულობ შენ უკვე ლინკინ პარკის ფორუმზე მინიმუმ 1000 ფლუდი უნდა გააკეთო!
34) კერი კინგი ყველაზე კაი ტიპია მსოფლიოში
35) თუ ვინმე მეგადეზს აგინებს შენც აგინე მას
36) გერმანული თრეში არ გიყვარს...იმიტომ რომ...იმიტომ რომ...ხო იმიტომ რომ სლეიერი არ ყავთ მაგათ ვო
37) თუ გაიგებ რომ რომელიღაც კვერცხი სლეიერის მოსმენას აპირებს აუცილებლად უთხარი მას რომ სლეიერის მოსმენა ყურების ცვენას და ტოტალურ გაუპატიურებას იწვევს!!!
38) თუ მაინც უსმენს უთხარი რომ სლეიერი პიდარასტიზმს იწვევს!!! უთხარი ყველაფარი მაგრამ არ დაუშვა რომ კვერცხმა სლეიერს მოუსმინოს!!!
39) სკოლაში რაც არ უნდა გკითხონ ყოველთვის უპასუხე ასე THRASH ''TILL DEATH!
40) ინსტიტუტშიც
41) ხო და საერთოდ თუ ჯერ კიდევ სკოლაში სწავლობ არ გაქვს უფლება თრეშ სასტავში იყო და საერთოდ წადი უსმინე სლეიერს ''TILL DEATH!!!!!!!! 

10 rules for heavy metalist

01)პატივი ეცი ^metallica^-სა შენსა და გიტარასა შენსა.
02)არა გული გითქმოდეს hetfield-ის გიტარასა და ბლანჟესა მისზე.
03)არა ჰევი მეტალ ჰკლა
05)გახსოვდეს ^metallica^, მამა ჰევი მეტალისა და თაყვანი ეც მას
06)არ გაიხადო კერპად,marilyn manson,him,queen.
07)დაეხმარე მოყვასსა შენსა და 100 დოლარი ასესხე
08)ოღონდ მერე 200 წაართვი და თან იღრიალე ,, არს მხოლოდ მეტალიკა და პატივი ეც, შე პიდარასტო,,
09)ტრანპორტსა შინა როდეს ჩაჯდები,აბღავლდი ძროხის ხმაზე და აიძულე იგი ურწმუნონი,ჩავიდნენ.
10)ახლა ეს ყველაფერი დიდ თაბახის ფურცელზე დაწერე,დაჭმუჭნე და შეჭამე... 

Metal ის როლი მსოფლიო ზღაპრებში:))))))

სამთავიან დრაკონს გამოქცეული გმირი თეთრი ცხენით მიდის მზეთუნახავთან, გადაარჩენს მას და შემდეგ სექსით დაკავდება მასთან მოჯადოებულ ტყეში 
გმირი კლავს დრაკონს შემდეგ ფეხებით შედგება მასზე და ხტუნაობას დაიწყებს, მერე გადაარჩენს მზეთუნახავს და დაიძინებს 
მოდიან კლავენ დრაკონს, გაჟიმავენ მზეთუნახავს და წავლენ ( და ეს ყველაფერი სულ რამდენიმე წუთში) 
გმირები მოდიან ღამე სავსე მთვარეზე, კლავენ დრაკონს წვავენ მას და ძელსე გასვავენ ციხესიმაგრის კარებთან. სადომაზოხისტურად აუპატიურებენ მზეთუნახავს, სვავენ მის სისხლს, შემდეგ წვავენ მას და მასაც ძელზე გასვავენ. 
გმირები მოდიან, კლავენ დრაკონს გაფატრავენ და შიგნეულობას ძირს დაყრიან, შემდგ გაჟიმავენ მზეთუნახავს და კლავენ და კიდევ გაჟიმავენ, მერე გაფატრავენ და მკვდარსაც იგივეს უზამენ, შემდეგ წვავენ მას და ისევ..... 
გმირი მიხვდება რომ ვერ შეძლებს დრაკონის ძლევას, დეპრესია ეწყება და თავს იკლავს, დრაკონი შეჭამს მას და დესერტად მზეთუნახავს დააყოლებს 
გმირი მოდის ჰარლეით თავზე ბენდენაწაკრული, კლავს დრაკონს და ერთ ამბავშია მზეთუნახავთან 
გმირი აიღებს გიტარას და ნახევარ საათიან სოლო პარტიას გაუშვებს და დრაკონი თავს იკლავს მოწყენილობისაგ. შემდეგ გმირი მიდის მზეთუნახავთან და მასთან დაიწყებს დაკვრას, თავზარდაცემული ქალი გარბის ც9იხესიმაგრიდან იმ გმირის საძებრად რომელიც ჰარლეით მოვიდა და ჰევის უსმენდა 
გმირის დანახვაზე დრაკონი სიცილით იგუდება მოკლედ მაგრად დაევასება რა მათი სიფათები, შემდეგ აძლევს გასაღბს და თვალს ჩაუკრავს ხეხე, გმირი შეცუნცულდება ციხესიმაგრეში მ,ზეთუნახავს კაბას და კოსმეტიკას მოუპარავს და გაიპრანჭება 
გმირი მოდის 2 წუთის განმავლობაში უაზროდ ყვირის და ხელებს აქნევს, შემდეგ დაფიქრდება და მიDის 
მოვლენ თავისი საბრძოლო ნავით, კლავენ დრაკონს თავისი დიიიდი ცულით, შემდეგ გაატყავებენ მას და შეჭამენ, მზეთუნახავს გააუპატიურებენ, მერე გადაწვავენ ციხესიმაგრეს და წავლენ 
გმირი მოდის დანგრეული ჰონდა სივიკით, ცდილობს შეებრძოლოს დრაკოსნ მაგრამ დაიწვება. დაიწვება იმიტომ რომ თავის კვერცხულ გალიფე შარვალს ცეცხლი წაეკიდება 
გმირი იჩითება დასვრილი ტყავის პლაშით, დრაკონს შუა თითს ანახებს კიდევ ენას გამოუყოფს და შარვალსას ჩაიხდის, ამის შემდეგ ნერვებაშლილი დაცვა მოკიდებს ხელს და გააგდებს ჯადოსნური სამყაროდან. 
გმირი მოდის შავი ეტლით, გადმოსვლისას შეისწორებს მაკიაჟს, შემდეგ მივა დრაკონთან და თვალებში შეხედავს მას, ცდილობს თავისი პათოსის და ქარიზმის დემონსტრირება მოახდინოს, მთელი მისი ღრმა შინაგანი ბუნება ამ წუთებში დრაკონისკენაა მიმართული და ეს კი მისი თვალებით ხდება რომელიც მის სათუთ სულს აირეკლავენ, კაროჩე ამის დანახვაზე დრაკონს აპათია ეწყება, ხვდება თავის ასრასრულფასოვნებას და თავს იკლავს.
გმირი მიდის მზეთუნახავთან მაგრამ დაინახავს თუ არა მას მიხვდება რომ ის გოთი არ არის და მასაც დეპრესია ეწყება, ამის დანახვაზე მზეთუნახავსაც დეპრესია ეწყება ნუ ბოლოს ორივე თავს იკლავს. 
გმირები მოდიან ცეკვით, თამაშით, ზოგი გარმონზე უკრავს ზოგიც ფლეიტაზე, ცეკვისაგან დაღლილი დრაკონი იქვე დაეგდება და დაიძინებს გმირები კი....წავლენ სახლში ქალის გარეშე.. 

ეგრევე მიდის მზეთუნახავთან რომელსაც უკვე გული აქ წასული საშინელი სუნისაგან, პანკი ხედავს რომ მზეთუნახავი სუფთაა და ისევ დრაკონთან ბრუნდება ხეხე 

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Due to their penchant for androgynous attire/makeup and raw guitar riffs, Placebo has been described by some as a glam version of Nirvana. The multi-national band was formed by singer/guitarist Brian Molko (part Scottish and American, but raised in Britain) and bassist Stefan Olsdal (originally from Sweden). Earlier, both had attended the same school in Luxembourg, but didn't cross paths properly until 1994 in London, England. Briefly called Ashtray Heart and influenced by the likes of Sonic Youth, the Pixies, the Smashing Pumpkins, and the aforementioned Nirvana, Placebo's drum slot was filled alternately early on by Robert Schultzberg and Steve Hewitt (the latter being the group's only member of British origin). Although Molko and Olsdal preferred Hewitt as their main man (it was this lineup that recorded several early demos), Hewitt opted to return to his other band at the time, Breed. With Schultzberg back on board, Placebo signed a recording contract with Caroline Records, which had issued the trio's self-titled debut in 1996. The album was a surprise hit in the U.K., where such singles as "Nancy Boy" and "Bruise Pristine" became hits, as the group became the toast of the British music weeklies and supported their debut with opening for such outfits as a the reunited Sex Pistols, U2, and Weezer. 

Despite their success right off the bat, Schultzberg wasn't seeing eye to eye with the other bandmembers, who by this point were able to convince Hewitt to come back onboard full-time, prompting Schultzberg's exit from the band. One of Hewitt's first performances with Placebo upon returning proved to be a big one, as major fan David Bowie personally invited the trio to play at his 50th birthday bash at New York's Madison Square Garden in 1997. The following year, Placebo switched over to the major-label division of Caroline, Virgin Records, and issued Without You I'm Nothing in November. The album was another large seller in England and initially appeared to be the group's breakthrough in the U.S., where MTV embraced the album's leadoff single, "Pure Morning," but subsequent singles/videos failed to match the success of its predecessor. Around the same time, Placebo also recorded a cover version of T. Rex's classic "20th Century Boy" for the movie Velvet Goldmine, in which the trio appeared performing the song as well. 

The relationship between Placebo and Bowie continued to blossom, as Bowie made a special appearance on-stage with the band during a tour stop in New York, in addition to both parties uniting for a re-recording of the title track from Without You I'm Nothing (issued as a single in 1999). Placebo's third release, Black Market Music added hip-hop and disco elements to the band's tense rock sound. The U.K. saw a release date in early 2000; stateside fans were treated to a resequenced version that fall. The U.S. version featured a slightly different track listing, adding the aforementioned Bowie version of "Without You I'm Nothing" and the band's cover of Depeche Mode's "I Feel You." The recording spawned additional U.K. hits such as "Taste in Men" and "Slave to the Wage." 

In spring 2003, Placebo showcased a harder edge with the release of their fourth album, Sleeping with Ghosts. The album went Top Ten in the U.K. and sold 1.4 million copies worldwide. Australian tour dates with Elbow and U.K. shows with Har Mar Superstar followed in 2004. Placebo's singles collection, Once More with Feeling: Singles 1996-2004, was released before the year's end. The 19-song compilation included their biggest U.K. hits and the new track "Twenty Years." Frenchman Dimitri Tikovoi (Goldfrapp, the Cranes), who mixed select songs on Once More with Feeling, produced Placebo's fifth effort, 2006's Meds. In 2007, after scheduling to tour with Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance on the Projekt Revolution tour, Virgin released the Extended Play '07 EP as a simple introduction for new fans to the band's past decade of music. Greg Prato, All Music Guide


Fightstar is made up of Alex Westaway on vocals and guitar, Charlie Simpson also on vocals and guitar, Dan Haigh on bass guitar and Omar Abidi on drums. They formed in 2003 when Charlie was in the band Busted. In early 2005, Charlie broke away from Busted to focus on his career with Fightstar, an edgier, rockier band, which was always where Charlie's heart had lied. Fightstar have released an EP, a single called Palahnuiks Laughter which is also known as Out Swimming in the Flood, which they changed the name of because of the tsunami in Indonesia, and their new song Paint Your Target, which went in at number 9 in june.

Forget Busted - I was never a fan of them, so again, forget them forever - Fightstar are in a different league, a different sport even. I thank Fightstar for producing what is arguably the best music I have ever heard and I doubt I'll ever hear a more accomplished set of pieces of music in my lifetime (unless it's by them) - every song delivers on every level. All I ask of anyone who likes this kind of guitar-based sound is to listen and, frankly, be amazed. I just hope they continue to do what they're doing for as long as possible. And Omar, you're a legend!

Just to add, I was at Download last summer and Fightstar filled the massive marquee - yeah sure there were clowns in there who didn't think Fightstar deserved to be at the festival but who are they to judge - they really need to open their minds and appreciate the fact that new and better performers come along avery day - and respect to what Charlie said at the gig.

oasis interview Liberal radio

In addition to being the creative force behind Oasis, Noel Gallagher is an outspoken and humorous provocateur. With the exception of Marilyn Manson, his name is probably tossed around more than any other celeb's in the rock press today. In fact, the public's love affair with Noel is probably second only to the one he is having with himself. Gabriella recently put a tape recorder in front of Noel's lips to garner the following interview. 

Are you going to record a live album during this tour? 

We're going to do a live album when I run out of ideas for songs, or if Liam starts writing Oasis songs (ha ha ha). 

So are there going to be any family fights during the tour? 

Of course, we're going to fight! Let me see... Today's Tuesday. How about next Friday? I think 11:30 would be nice. We're planning to do twelve rounds. Is that OK? Tickets are sold on the table over there.

During the last tour Liam just left... 

But that was last time, somebody is always going to flunk out. You know people in bands are creative and that can be annoying. What I don't understand is why people think it's so important and interesting if two brothers fight occasionally. What's the big deal? I guess the media and the people are always going to believe what they want to believe anyway. There's really nothing I can do about it. 

Why doesn't Liam give any interviews? 

'Cause everybody wants to talk to me. I'm writing the songs. 

Your interviews get you into trouble occasionally... 

People take me too damned serious. I mean half of the time I'm just cracking jokes anyway. I think I've been on almost every cover of almost every magazine. Well, no, I haven't been on some covers but there are also magazines where I don't want to be on the cover. I think I've been on enough covers to please my ego. It's just part of the job you know. You're recording an album and then you've got to talk about the album. It would be great if you could just record an album without doing interviews and photo sessions, but then the people wouldn't know that there is a new album. It's just part of the job I guess. 

If somebody asks me if I do drugs and I say yes, then they're making a big deal out of it and they probably sell more if that's on the cover. People are asking me questions and I answer them. That's it. I don't do anything else. I'm not even trying to be shocking. I just answer. 

George Harrison claimed that Oasis is just a band for teens and that you'll soon be forgotten... 

George Harrison was always the silent Beatle. Personally, I think he should keep that image up, but I guess he's right. Yes, Oasis is a band for the young. We're making music for teenagers. I can't see anything wrong with it. We only recorded three albums so far and I don't know if people will forgot about us or not. Only time will tell. 

Did that influence your views? After all, you have always named the Beatles as your heroes... 

We've been compared to the Beatles pretty often. I don't think it's just because the Beatles were better than we'll ever be, but it's still nice to be compared with them, you know. I think they were a far more innovative band than we'll ever be. The Beatles are still my heroes. 

You started recording Be Here Now in Abbey Road studios but finished the album elsewhere... 

It was nice to be in the same room where some of the best songs ever were written. It was just nice to be there, you know. We recorded “Magic Pie” and “Stay Young” there. Then we left because there were complaints. Complaints about the noise. Can you believe that? In a recording studio? But you know, it served its purpose. 

So what's new and different about Be Here Now? 

It's got a different cover. 

It's no secret that you don't like Blur, but what are your reasons? 

Noel Gallagher  
Because Damon Albarn is a fucking knobber. And his guitarist -- who I thought was all right -- seems to think that he's some intelligent superhuman being, the fucking idiot. I never met the drummer and the bassist, who I first didn't like and thought he was a cunt, turned out to be quite all right. But I don't like the music, and I don't like the singer. I don't know what they stand for. I think they're just a bunch of fakers. They're just a money making commercial pop-machine who'd do anything just to turn in a few quid. 

What was your reaction when you heard about the tragic death of Lady Diana? 

In general, I'm not a fan of the royal family, but the circumstances of her death were really shocking. Especially how the press reacted and how it looked like they'd get away [with it] again because they invented the story that the driver was drunk. I thought they might change the laws, but... Well, it's really sad but that's life: shit happens.

oasis interview

What's that? Your boss won't give you any speakers to listen to Noel's interview? The meanie... Never mind, you can read all of what was said right here. Better smuggle in some headphones next time though... You can't listen to us without 'em!

Christian O'Connell talks to Noel Gallagher
Monday 12 February, 2007

C: Outstanding achievement award but your only 39. What’s going on?

N: Yeah they must have run out of people to give it to I don’t know. If Weller hadn’t done it last year I don’t think we’d have bothered, its not the first time they’ve asked us, first the initial reaction was no, then we started thinking we either do it now when we look good or do we succumb in ten years time when we just turned the corner, we still all can legitimately wear the leather jackets and it appealed to us that we’d be the youngest band to get it. When they do the retrospective film we won’t look too cheesy.

I don’t think many bands going to go from best newcomer to getting an outstanding achievement award probably Coldplay are the next ones in line they could probably do it, but they never got best newcomer.

C: What knowledge have you learnt?

N: About making records I’ve learnt if it’s not going well don’t panic its best to go home take a few weeks off, don’t try and chase something that’s not there. Everything in moderation would be the one golden rule whether its drink or the other nice sweeties.

I don’t want to sound like the drummer out of Spinal Tap but just enjoy it. I never thought it would get this far for this long and I’m still enjoying it now if we get another ten years out of it- brilliant

C: In a lot of interviews people make it sound like fame is such an awful burden and a miserable life for them- Keane for instance.

N: Some people do. I’d like to see the background they came of because if this is a struggle then they must have been living the life of Riley before they recorded. Me personally if it wasn’t for this I would be out there shovelling snow or either on a motorway or a building site. So when it came along I embrace it-it’s a great thing. You can always say no to people asking for autographs. Can I get a quick picture? no fuck off! Can I get an autograph? No!

C: You always sound like someone who keeps it as real as possible.

N: I got up at 9 this morning and there was no milk in the fridge, nothing.

C: Don’t you have staff to sort that out?

N: I didn’t get where I was today by spunking money off staff. So at 9:20 this morning I was up at Marylebone High street in a blizzard but I like all that it keeps your feet off the ground.

C: Are you a good cook?

N: My mrs sarah is an outstanding cook. If I’m going shopping I need strict instructions on what to buy. I love it when she goes back to Scotland for the weekend-chicken and mushroom pot noodle give us one of them!

C: How has writing the big songs changed?

N: The moments of magic come along less and less because life takes over. When songs come along and you’ve got to grab them while they’re there. As long as you’ve got a guitar with you and a pen and piece of paper you’ll be alright. The last bunch of songs I was just sat on the couch watching telly one afternoon strumming the guitar and frantically trying to get it down.

C: What do you think is the best song you’ve written?

N: For me, I enjoy playing Lyla and Mucky fingers. The most important song I wrote was Live Forever because it announced us to the world and it reached America.

C: The band took off really quickly. 

N: Oasis is very much like a high street shop

C: Which one?

N: Superdrug-yeah Superdrug

C: You’re going to be 40 this year. What do you think Liam’s going to get you?

N: No were not that kind of family the last present he got me was, I kid you not a jumper a pink v neck jumper kind of a tartan thing with gold thread-and I was holding it up going “he’s having a laugh”.

I bought him a few presents in the 90’s I bought him a thing from an auction which was an Indian necklace thing that John Lennon wore when he went to see the Maharishi its worth a fortune it was round the mans neck when he wrote Sexy Sadie, so I sent it to him for Christmas and next time I saw him he had it on. He took it out the frame and the label saying worn by John Lennon. I said “what are you doing its fuckin memorabilia” and he said “John Lennon wore it I’m wearing it”. He’s probably flushed it down the toilet by now I don’t know, haven’t seen it since.

C: Is there any one that’s come along in the last couple of years who you think can do the same as you?

N: Yeah course Kasabian for spirit I guess the Arctic Monkeys for what they mean to this generation of people and The Libertines to a certain extent from what they meant a few years ago.

But what happened to us came by surprise. We didn’t know what we were doing our record company didn’t know what they were doing but we were just enjoying the ride.

The new bands are great I love the guy who writes the tunes for the Kooks and Kasabian. 

C: How’s it changed being a dad?

N: You’ve got to be very careful you don’t write songs about your kids. Life changes that instant and it’s never that same again. 

C: Do you do the kids tv thing when she’s over?

N: I did when she was into Animal Planet but now she’s into Disney that is evil.

C: Did you do the wiggles?

N: The Wiggles! Have you ever seen them and Franz Ferdinand in the same room seriously, never! and until they are in the same room together I’m not having it that it’s not Franz Ferdinand.

C: Do you think you’re going to become an embarrassing dad?

N: No I’m not I wouldn’t do the parents sport days because I only do stuff I’m going to win at. If I didn’t win they’d be trouble. Liam does though but he’s a different animal to me though.

C: If you were to die which TV detective would you want on the case?

N: If it was suspicious then it would have to be someone from the Sweeney but ideally it would be inspector Cluso.

C: What’s your favourite swear word?

N: Shit cunt

C: What’s your least favourite word?

N: Latte and Tapas. Being a northerner you don’t tend to pronounce your T’s after a vowel .It annoys me when people walk along the street drinking coffee, its so american. Tapas it winds me up, what is it? It sounds like some sort of material a joiner would use.

C: When is the last time you cried?

N: No, I don’t really cry. I’m more liable to cry at sporting achievement like when Ricky Hatton beat Costa Tsyu, when you see real great human achievement, I don’t cry at sadness.

C: What’s the greatest song ever written?

N: To me it’s always a Beatles son and it goes between I’m the wall or ticket to ride but sometimes I can be listening to 'Club Foot' by Kasabian and it depends what mood you’re in.

C: What are you doing for Valentines day?

N: My long suffering woman will be sat listening to the radio. I don’t do any of that nonsense. Once you start you’ll be celebrating pancake day, St David’s day, Scotland day. Valentines day… get up… brew…. I love you we don’t need to the card, do we need to get the roses we don’t need to do that surely?

C: What makes you go on?

N: The initial love of music is there for me. I can’t do anything else until they allow absolute proper profanities on the radio I can’t go into radio unless allow swearing on the television I can’t go into television.

C: Were you surprised about the success from your last album?

N: I was surprised at the review we got because I was starting to get slightly paranoid that everyone had it in for us.

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Lapko is a Finnish alternative rock band formed in 1996 by Ville Malja (guitar and vocals), Anssi Nordberg (bass), and Janne Heikkonen (drums). These two art-school dropouts and a metal worker were originally childhood friends in the small town of Harjavalta. Before the onset of their musical career, the three spent much of their early years interested mostly in sports. Initially inspired by the band NOFX, Lapko quickly evolved from melodic punk rock to a more streamlined and intense alternative rock sound, with influences from bands like Tool, Helmet, and Placebo. Known for their energetic live performances, their first EP took a long time to form, but the electricity of their shows was partially captured on the self-released Your Special K.O. from 2003. It attracted immediate interest, and their first full-length CD followed the next year. The Arms was recorded for a small upstart label but sold briskly and gained the band a much wider following. Radio play, explosive concerts, and voluminous critical accolades led to a contract with Fullsteam Records. 

The band's sophomore album, Scandal (2006), quickly rose to the top of the charts. The band then started touring Finland aggressively, along with short stabs at the international market across Europe and in the U.S. Their 2007 follow-up album, Young Desire, continued their upward trajectory, gaining wide critical approval and again rising to the top of the Finnish charts.


საქართველოში შეიქმნა ახალი მიმდინარეობა , ''outsiders'' ( გარიყურები ) ... ადამიანები რომლებსაც საზოგადოება ვერ იღებს ისეთებს როგორებიც ისინი არიან , მათ აქვთ შექმნილი თავიანთი სამყარო სადაც მხოლოდ ისეთი ხალხია ვინც მათ უგებს ,მათი მეგობრები . ისინი იმას აკეთებენ რაც მათ სურთ და სრულია არ ანაღვებთ ნორმალური ხალხის აზრი . ''OUTSIDERS'' აერთიანებთ მუსიკა და გართობის წესი ... შეიძლება ითქვას პატარა კლანივითაა... ''თავისუფლება თავისუფალ ხალხს ,თავისუფლება outSIDERS' '' საზოგადოებამ უნდა გაიგოს რომ ყველას აქვს თავისი ცხოვრების წესი და არავის განსასჯელი არ არის სხვა ადმიანების : ვარცხნილობა , ტანისამოსი, ცხოვერების დონე , .... ესე რბილად რომ ვთქვათ ყველამ თავის '' ტაკოს '' მიხედოს ... ყველა ერთნაირი ვერ იქნება !! გაუმარჯოს ''OUTSIDE''REBS''!!


Коллектив образовался летом 1981 года в Ленинграде и первоначально назывался «Гарин и гиперболоиды». В него входили Виктор Цой, Алексей «Рыба» Рыбин и Олег Валинский. Год спустя, после ухода Валинского, название группы изменили на «Кино», а в составе появился гитарист Юрий Каспарян.
Группе очень помогали и поддерживали музыканты групп «Аквариум» и «Зоопарк». Лидер «Аквариума», Борис Гребенщиков, продюсировал первые два альбома «Кино».
В 1983 группа из-за творческих разногласий Цоя и Рыбина распалась, затем собралась вновь в составе: Виктор Цой и Юрий Каспарян. В 1984 году в составе появляется барабанщик Георгий Гурьянов, а в качестве бас-гитариста группе помогает музыкант «Аквариума» Александр Титов. В 1986 году в составе группы появился басист Игорь Тихомиров («Джунгли»), а Александр Титов окончательно вернулся в «Аквариум». Таким образом, сформировался окончательный состав группы, просуществовавший до трагических событий 15 августа 1990 года. Группа пользовалась большой популярностью в андеграунде Ленинграда[источник?], но по-настоящему знаменитыми «Кино» стали после выхода в 1987 году фильма Сергея Соловьёва «Асса», где в финальной сцене Виктор Цой поёт песню «Хочу перемен!». В это время менеджером и продюсером группы становится Юрий Айзеншпис. В 1988 году в Алма-Ате проходили съёмки фильма Рашида Нугманова «Игла», в котором Виктор Цой сыграл главную роль и исполнил несколько песен, в том числе «Бошетунмай» и «Группа крови». После выхода этого фильма и альбома «Группа крови» в СССР началась повальная «киномания».[источник?]
В это время группа ездит с триумфальными[источник?] гастролями по России, Украине и Белоруссии, а в 1989 году музыканты группы поехали в Нью-Йорк, где состоялся премьерный показ фильма «Игла» и был сыгран небольшой концерт. Позже на фестивале «Золотой Дюк» в Одессе Виктор Цой был назван лучшим актёром года, а фильм «Игла» вышел на второе место в прокате советских фильмов. После этого «Кино» уехало в Париж, где происходил процесс сведения альбома «Последний герой», а весной 1990 года группа отправилась в Токио, где был заключён договор по раскрутке группы в Японии.
Считается, что «Кино» должна была стать первой советской группой, разрекламированной на международном уровне. 24 июня 1990 года музыканты при полном аншлаге отыграли концерт на Большой спортивной арене «Лужников». Организаторы устроили салют, был зажжён Олимпийский огонь (бытует ошибочное мнение, что Олимпийский огонь на «Лужниках» был зажжён всего второй раз за всю историю: на Олимпиаде в 1980 году и на этом концерте. Однако годом ранее его также зажигали во время проведения Moscow Music Peace Festival в августе 1989 года). Это был последний концерт в истории группы.
В июле 1990 «Кино» начали записывать новый альбом, который планировали сводить на студии во Франции, где до этого был удачно сведён «Последний герой». Его запись была сорвана, когда 15 августа Виктор Цой трагически погиб в автокатастрофе под Ригой (вблизи местечка Тукумс). К этому моменту полностью была готова только песня «Красно-жёлтые дни». Еще несколько песен сохранились в записи Цоя с акустической гитарой и частично сделаными инструментальными партиями. Каспарян, Тихомиров и Гурьянов дописывают аранжировки и завершают альбом, получивший название «Чёрный» за полностью черный цвет обложки — в знак траура по Цою. В декабре «Чёрный альбом» был презентован в Ленинградском рок-клубе. После этого группа «Кино» прекратила своё существование.
Музыканты группы «Кино» снова собрались вместе для сотрудничества с Вячеславом Бутусовым в 2001 году, и записали с ним совместный альбом «Звёздный падл» (2001). Виктор Цой — вокал, гитара;
Юрий Каспарян — соло-гитара;
Игорь Тихомиров — бас;
Георгий Гурьянов — барабаны

ANticola Dudes


es gejo dzn magrad miyvars chemi pepoa da magair adamiania imenapirovneba da shizoidi mivyars 

placebo interwiev 06

Before the fall of 2006, most North Americans with a passing interest in music knew Placebo as that androgynous band with a couple hit singles from the late ’90s (”Pure Morning” and “Every You Every Me,” both from 1998’s Without You I’m Nothing). They’ve had something of a cult following here, but most of their popularity has been concentrated in other parts of the world, particularly Europe. But then, as has happened to so many bands, The O.C. brought them into the mainstream spotlight; their cover of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” appeared twice in the show’s fourth season premiere. Though the song was originally released in 2003 on a bonus disc with the album Sleeping With Ghosts, the band started including it in their set while touring the UK in early 2006 and eventually released it as a single in October.

“It became a digital hit worldwide,” says Placebo’s frontman, Brian Molko. “There was The O.C. effect, coupled with the fact that when we were last touring, when we started touring this record, Meds, so many people came up to ask and asked where they could get a hold of the song.”

Placebo is currently in their second year of touring behind Meds, the band’s most recent studio album. They’re in Toronto for a concert at the Kool Haus, and I’m sitting with Molko in a small, oddly decorated club somewhere off the complex’s main room. The walls are covered in black faux fur, lacey red wallpaper, and gold-framed mirrors, while the lights are dimmed and the head of what looks like an ibex is mounted on the wall behind us, above a DJ booth.

Molko’s looks are much more restrained than the svelte, feminine image that made him something of a poster boy for modern glam almost a decade ago. He’s wearing a navy blue button-up shirt with small white polka dots, tight blue jeans, and Converse sneakers (he’ll change into dressier black shoes for tonight’s show). His dark hair is cut short and boyish, and at 34, a coat of makeup isn’t entirely hiding the touch of age in his face. He chain-smokes Camel Lights and talks softly with a refined British accent. When his band-mates – bassist Stefan Olsdal and drummer Steve Hewitt – walk by, heading to another interview, he turns to look at them, drawing on his cigarette, and says, “There go my husbands.”

While Meds (their fifth studio effort) came out in most of the world in March 2006, it wasn’t released in North America until January 2007. Molko says that he doesn’t mind the delay, since “the show doesn’t really get smoking until about six months into the tour anyway.” But he wasn’t happy with all aspects of the album’s re-release. Listeners on this side of the Atlantic were treated to a couple bonus tracks (”Running Up That Hill,” plus original track “UNEEDMEMORETHANINEEDU”), but the song “In the Cold Light of Morning” was left off the North American version. Though the situation confused many fans, it was actually Molko who forced the band’s management and their U.S. label, Virgin Records, to remove the track.

“I refused for them to bleep out the words ‘cock’ and ‘dildo,”’ he explains, suggesting that the conservative ownership of major retailers like Wal-Mart made the label want to censor the material. “Virgin picked up the album, took it off Astralwerks, and said, ‘You’ve got to remove all the naked ladies from inside your albums.’ And it’s like, ‘Fine, you can fucking sell it in a piece of tinfoil, it doesn’t really matter, but do not start fucking with the material.’ So it was a choice between not re-releasing it or bleeping it out, and I insisted that they remove the song.”

The rest of Meds, however, survived the re-release. The album isn’t much of a departure for the band in terms of material (sex, drugs, etc.) and sound (synthy, menacing, occasionally brash). Meds also keeps with the band’s seeming penchant for collaborations (between the stage and the studio, they’ve teamed up with the likes of David Bowie and Robert Smith in the past); both Alison Mosshart of The Kills and Michael Stipe of R.E.M. have guest spots on the record.

Molko says that the title track was “crying out for another voice – a girl.” He knew Mosshart through her bandmate, Jamie Hince, with whom he’d been a friend since the two attended university together in the early ’90s. “So we asked Alison. She came in, and she’s incredibly shy, and we recorded our vocals in the dark and it was great,” he recalls.

While the decision to include Mosshart was partly whim, Stipe’s guest spot was integral. Molko says that “Broken Promise,” the song on which Stipe appears, was written as a duet and wouldn’t have gone on the record if the right guest weren’t found. The band’s known Stipe since 1998, when they appeared in Velvet Goldmine, a film he produced. But the idea to feature him on the track didn’t come until a chance run-in at a Paris hotel. “It became more than just a duet about adultery,” Molko says of Stipe’s inclusion, “because it occurred to us that there are thousands and thousands of songs about adultery that have already been recorded, but are there any sung by two men? If there are, let me know, because I still haven’t found one. Plus, these two men being myself and Michael, who is…ahh…whose image, mine and his, are both ambiguous, I think makes it a lot more worthy of a listen.”

Though provocative material like the duet with Stipe features heavily on Meds, it doesn’t necessarily reflect a life that Molko continues to lead. In 2005, he had a son, Cody, with his partner, Helena Berg. “It has changed the lifestyle, but it doesn’t necessarily change what you write about,” he says, admitting that he hasn’t written much since the birth and doesn’t know whether or not fatherhood will factor in his songwriting. “But I’m naturally attracted to those [darker] subjects simply because, as I was told in every single creative writing course I took, you write about what you know. But it’s not your kind of Alanis Morrisette, rip-a-page-out-of-your-diary songs. I create small fictions inspired by real events and real emotions.”

It seems that this kind of constant mix – fact and fiction, sober fatherhood and explorations of sex/addiction/substance abuse – is necessary to keep all sides of Molko content. It’s a good thing then that Placebo’s popularity has remained off-balance between different parts of the world. This past summer, he went to a Rolling Stones concert in the south of France and ended up with a seat in front of Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes. “We just sat there discussing how many people are in this stadium,” he recalls. Molko had recently finished headlining shows on the European festival circuit to crowds of 50-60,000, and says the experience was somewhat overwhelming and felt a bit too large. “It made me rethink my long-term ambition to become the biggest band in the world, because I wondered to myself whether or not I would actually like that.” After much thought, Molko says he’s concluded that he does, in fact, want Placebo to become the biggest band in the world and play to massive crowds for one season, and then begin to scale back. “It’s only once you’ve gotten to the topmost level that you can start fucking around with the levels,” he explains. “However, just coming to North America is naturally fucking with the levels anyway. I find it very, very refreshing because it allows you to be a little more carefree and a little bit less precious, and also allows you to, well, forces you to be on top of your game. You have less physical distance between you and an audience, so when you make mistakes, they’re evident. But also, you’re in a situation, a context, where making mistakes is okay. And I like that.”

bozoo bajou


INFO: Boozoo Bajou is a musical duo from Germany. They are noted for their distinct blend of Cajun sounds with island rhythms. Their first album, Satta, was released in 2001. In 2005 they released Dust My Broom to much critical acclaim. The Nuremberg natives behind the music are Peter Heider and Florian Seyberth. The list of Boozoo Bajou remixes for other artists includes Common, Tosca, Trüby Trio, and Tony Joe White.



Yeah, it's a fine line between what's news and what's, well, straight-up advertising, but in this case we're reckoning the former... 

Ex-Million Dead bassist Julia Ruzicka and guitarist Tom Fowler (pictured, bottom row) have got together with former Cars As Weapons drummer Rich Harwood to form a brand new band. Sounds good on paper (paper? On screen...), but there's a hitch: the band need a vocalist. 

Which is where DiS comes in. Now, we know of many a band that's got together through our message boards, but in this instance we think it's worth our while giving you this information on a spoon. Ruzicka has told us that the band's heavier than Million Dead, with influences like Black Flag and the Jesus Lizard.

The band are playing - as a three-piece - at the Curzon Cinema, Soho, on February 24th at 11pm, soundtracking footage from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre before delivering a brace of original tracks. So, if you're a vocalist without a band, get down there and say hello. Alternatively, post below - you never know who's reading. 

Um, yeah... end plug.

Head Automatica

Daryl Palumbo - Vocals, live instrumentation
Dan “The Automator” Nakamura – Beats, Producer 

First off: relax, it isn’t rap metal. 

For those of you who only know Daryl Palumbo as the angst-fueled vocalist for Strong Island hardcore stalwarts Glassjaw, we hate to tell you this, but you don’t know him at all. If you did, you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that a list of his all-time favorite bands would include everyone from Squeeze to Nick Low, Dave Edmunds to Primal Scream to Elvis Costello. That said, Head Automatica, Palumbo’s long-awaited collaboration with legendary producer/ beatmaker Dan “The Automator” Nakamura (Handsome Boy Modeling School, Gorillaz) is exactly how you’d expect it to sound and nothing like you’d imagine it would—which, come to think of it, is a fitting analogy for Palumbo himself. 

“To make music more along the lines of what I rock in my free time is a really awesome thing,” Palumbo says about his latest project. “This feels more comfortable than anything ever, because the music was straight out of me.” Palumbo had been writing the songs on Head Automatica for years, but it wasn’t until Glassjaw finished 2002’s Vans Warped Tour (after a grueling 18-month trek behind the Grammy-nominated Worship And Tribute) that he had the opportunity to make Head Automatica a reality. 

Palumbo and Nakamura met through mutual friends, and Head Automatica was recorded sporadically between September and May of 2004 with assistance from Glassjaw drummer Larry Gorman. “I don’t know anybody who thinks Automator’s whack,” Palumbo says about working with the famed producer. “Having Automator be in this band with me was a dream come true—I think he’s fucking unstoppable.” But while Nakamura’s trademark big breaks and ingenious sounds are all over tracks like “Brooklyn Is Burning” and “Head Automatica Sound System,” Palumbo’s rock-based background and the album’s live instrumentation make Head Automatica anything but Handsome Boy Modeling School Pt. II. 

Oh, and whatever you do, don’t call it a studio side project. At their core, Head Automatica are a live band who’ve been touring non-stop alongside seemingly disparate acts like Thursday, Lost Prophets and Junior Senior in preparation for the album’s release. “We’re straight-up a family,” Palumbo says of the live incarnation of Head Automatica—Gorman (drums), Jim Greer (keyboards), Josh Holden (bass), and Craig Bonich and Brandon Arnovick (guitars)—which allows Palumbo to be the flamboyant frontman he’s always hinted at in his previous band. “People get so intimidated in front of an audience; it’s like why do you play music?” Palumbo questions aloud. “We’re an electronic cock-rock band, so you’re going to get a good show and it’s going to sound stellar.” 

It’s not ego, it’s confidence; and the music on Head Automatica backs up his claims—just listen for yourself. From the pure pop genius of “Beating Heart Baby,” to the opening “Yowwwww!!!” on “Dance Party Plus,” to the Gang-Of-Four-meets-EMF closer “I Shot William H. Macy,” trying to pigeonhole these 11 songs isn’t just futile—it’s pointless. With Palumbo’s self-assured voice as the unifying factor, Head Automatica seamlessly combines rock ’n’ roll’s visceral energy with slamming beats and tales of sex-fueled escapades. Oh, and don’t forget the hooks (on second thought, we dare you to try to forget them). 

Out of the studio and into the van indefinitely, Head Automatica will be playing selected dates on the Honda Civic tour alongside Dashboard Confessional and Thrice before hooking up with the Cure, Interpol, the Rapture and others on the Curiousa tour. In other words, plan on seeing the band live soon—and plan on bringing your dancing shoes. 

“I’m not spending all my time being mad and getting revenge onstage,” the 25-year-old Palumbo explains, contrasting Head Automatica with the hardcore band he’s been in for a mind-boggling 13 years. “I just want to fucking party. This band is the best pub band in the fucking world, and I’ll go toe-to-toe with any band that wants to fuck around. I’m just really lucky to have these people play with me.”

the new pornographers bio

A.C. Newman - Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Wurlitzer, Casio, Mandolin, Percussion, Bass, Melodion
John Collins - Bass, Baritone Guitar, Glockenspiel, Mandolin, Guitars, Casio, Tambourine
Kurt Dahle - Drums, Vocals, Percussion
Blaine Thurier - Fender Rhodes, Sampler
Todd Fancey - Guitars, Banjo, Mandolin
Dan Bejar - Vocals, Shakers, Guitars, Piano
Neko Case - Vocals
Kathryn Calder - Vocals, Piano, Wurlitzer

A.C. ("Carl") Newman, for all the good-times vibe of his band The New Pornographers, likes his alone time. Last year he disappeared from Vancouver without a word, reappearing four months later in Brooklyn, where he has stayed ever since. He resurfaced with a mystery scar, an extra blush to one cheek, and an armload of songs which tell tales of his last two years.

Challengers continues along the lines of 2005's Twin Cinema, whose "relative melancholy makes it the band's best album yet" [Blender]; indeed, the first track, "My Rights Vs. Yours," is almost a cross between that album's beloved "Use It" and "The Bleeding Heart Show". Dialing back the frantic, these are songs with dynamics and epic sweep. While it's still a "top-down summer power-pop classic" (or any variation thereof that the band's enjoyed over the last several years), this is something more personal, more lasting.

Recorded for the first time largely outside John Collins' Vancouver JC/DC Studio, Challengers is their most organic-sounding record, reflecting a conscious decision to use less "beepy synth" and almost entirely "real" instruments (in addition to those listed above, they recruited an entire string section, plus harp, flute, and more). And Newman is slightly more scrutable this time around; his lyrics still ring with wry perception and political metaphor, but betray some of the magnanimity that comes with new love – "our arms fill with miracles", he writes in "Go Places," his most beautiful love song since "My Slow Descent Into Alcoholism."

My Rights Versus Yours: "This is a stream of consciousness story-of-my-life type of song. 1st appearance of french horn on a New Ps album, and only 30 seconds into the album! Ends with a nod to Jeff Lynne with the vocoded vocals."

All The Old Showstoppers: "This one has the string breaks that are a direct nod to Roy Wood's brilliantly primitive string work with The Move."

Challengers: "This one has a fairly convoluted subtext. At its surface it's a love song about finding new love out of nowhere and trying to play it cool, do the right thing. My version of '24 Hours To Tulsa'. When I wrote the lyrics I thought of the Camus quote from the liner notes to a Scott Walker album: 'A man's work is nothing but this slow trek to discover through the detours of art, those two or three great and simple images in whose presence his heart first opened.'"

Myriad Harbour: "Dan's New York song. When I got the demo from him, I thought he purposely wrote a New York song because I had just moved to NY. Probably not, though. In this song, Dan urges me to 'look up for once and see just how the sun sets in the sky.' Two songs later, I sing that 'there is something unguided in the sky tonight.' Coincidence?"

All The Things That Go To Make Heaven And Earth: "I really liked the title. I thought it was very long and pretentious, not befitting a 3-minute rock song. This song is pretty much our take on an early Roxy Music/Sparks pastiche, with a little Shocking Blue thrown in. A sort of throwback to early New Ps."

Unguided: "My first true epic at over 6:30 in length. This is MY New York song, though no one can tell. It is all about August 2005, everything up in the air, it was very hot, and I was camping out in NY for a week. The big bridge at the end, 'why wait for the weakened state to lie next to the weaker sex?', has nothing to do with the rest of the song, just a good line/universal truth. Kathryn is embarrassed that she had to sing it, yet only she could nail it the way it had to be nailed."

Failsafe: "This is the first Kathryn lead vocal. I liked the idea of using a tremelo guitar to propel the song, where that becomes the beat as much as the drums."

Entering White Cecilia: "I believe Dan is singing about entering a girl named Cecilia, who is either white or dressed in white, or both. Like all of Dan's work, it is overtly sexual."

Go Places: "This is my version of 'Maybe I'm Amazed' crossed with 'She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune', at least in my head that's what I hear. I know it's still oblique, but to me it is a straight up love song. Bonus points to rock critics who can name two versions of 'She Sang Hymns'. Without Googling."

Mutiny, I Promise You: " I think this has the most Bacharach/Webb/Wilson in it, in terms of structure and time signature, all the added half-bars in the progression. We rocked it up quite a bit, but slowed down and with a few other changes, it could go on a 5th Dimension album. That's hubris, I know. The organ sound reminds me of the organ on 'Ambition' by Subway Sect, which I think is a good thing."

Adventures In Solitude: "This is a sad song, but filled with a kind of hope. Basically a double lead shared by Carl and Kathryn. With its strings, harp, banjo, and mandolin, it officially counts as a 'musical departure'."

The Spirit Of Giving: "This is a sad Dan song with less hope and more nonsequiturs. Or maybe it's a happy song?"

The New Pornographers formed in 1997, almost immediately recorded the classic "Letter From An Occupant," and it was on. Their three full-lengths (as well as Newman's 2004 solo debut The Slow Wonder) received wild critical and public acclaim, and they continue to enjoy bigger (and taller and smarter) audiences.