Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Fightstar is made up of Alex Westaway on vocals and guitar, Charlie Simpson also on vocals and guitar, Dan Haigh on bass guitar and Omar Abidi on drums. They formed in 2003 when Charlie was in the band Busted. In early 2005, Charlie broke away from Busted to focus on his career with Fightstar, an edgier, rockier band, which was always where Charlie's heart had lied. Fightstar have released an EP, a single called Palahnuiks Laughter which is also known as Out Swimming in the Flood, which they changed the name of because of the tsunami in Indonesia, and their new song Paint Your Target, which went in at number 9 in june.

Forget Busted - I was never a fan of them, so again, forget them forever - Fightstar are in a different league, a different sport even. I thank Fightstar for producing what is arguably the best music I have ever heard and I doubt I'll ever hear a more accomplished set of pieces of music in my lifetime (unless it's by them) - every song delivers on every level. All I ask of anyone who likes this kind of guitar-based sound is to listen and, frankly, be amazed. I just hope they continue to do what they're doing for as long as possible. And Omar, you're a legend!

Just to add, I was at Download last summer and Fightstar filled the massive marquee - yeah sure there were clowns in there who didn't think Fightstar deserved to be at the festival but who are they to judge - they really need to open their minds and appreciate the fact that new and better performers come along avery day - and respect to what Charlie said at the gig.

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