Saturday, April 11, 2009

sum 41

The Japan tour is officially over - last night's show in Osaka was amazing! Thanks to all our fans for coming out!!

After the show we went to our favorite bar in Osaka, Rock Rock and headbanged to heavy metal music. Cone DJ'd and Deryck rocked out with Axl Rose... Or at least an Axl Rose lookalike.

Brown Tom got so wasted he fell over with his pants down and had to be carried out. I took a million pictures with my new Holga camera.

After the bar we went back to Deryck's room and drank until 7 in the morning. My head really hurts...

We're off to Guam tonight and will be there for four days. The first two are days off - I see Luaus, fruity drinks with umbrellas, scuba diving and 90SPF sunscreen in my not too distant future. Fuck yeah!

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